Gloom EP

by GloomDC

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released June 24, 2014



all rights reserved


GloomDC Washington, D.C.

DC/Maryland based four-piece.
Bill Calomiris-Vox
Dante Dalton-Guitars
Jason Sayell-Bass
Chris Shull-Drums

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Track Name: Entity
Expectations drowned in a sea of misery
Sounding a siren- the beacon of trust and tranquility
Shattered in the twilight
Bleeding from the door of a broken home and a wooden heart
Dreaded fog of innocence lifted,
and a world revealed in the age of trespassing fragility
A cross to bear for all of eternity
Life comes at a cost and the loss of what was once so treasured
Absence the only measure of sanity
Track Name: Irontongue
And when it all came crashing down
Treading water I almost drowned in every word I believed
We all needed something to hold onto
Now with pyres smoldering
We set the fire and we watched it burn
Every boulder became a grain of sand
Every tourniquet wrapped by the devil’s hand
A will to drowned in sorrow realizing all your dreams are hollow
Blinded by a blackened sun
Shading eyes reveals its truest form
Track Name: Unrequited
Meaningless gestures and hollow embraces
Let us live this quick lie-
Settle into disguise.
A watery grave, the end result preordained
Like a stone you fell from grace
Using anger to cover all your shame
An Ephesian curse upon you
I promise not to remember the detachment on you face
A thousand lies
Unrequited a thousand times
Waiting for trains that never come
Ships that pass in the night
Always trading places in my mind
A thousand lies
Unrequited a thousand times
Waiting for trains that never come
Unrequited a thousand times
Trading places in my mind
Track Name: Erotema
With any luck at all
You'll be running for the hills
To crown yourself in false Glory
The rictus grin
Of fictitious friendships
Armed to the teeth with fashion for sheep
You’ve done nothing for anyone
And everything for yourself
Words are for cowards
Happy and fulfilled,
Watch the battle and shoot who survives
Blacked out and falsely cloaked in sin
Wear the skin of a passenger
Jump out the side and see if you can fly!
Track Name: Chromosomal
Like a spider lying in wait on a sinuous thread of fantasy
Ensnaring and devouring every members hint of creativity
A structure formally laid out and wreaking of tragedy
Ive never forgotten a word that you said that night
Mother Fuckin’ Coward!
I’ll make sure they all can see!
Ive never forgotten the look in your eyes that night
Mother Fuckin Failure!
You see loyalty as a disease
Clandestine manipulation
Ruled with an iron hand
The false sanctity of your brand
Rapunzel, you mean nothing to me
Rapunzel, watching you cry is fun for me
Rapunzel, you can’t buy what you want to be.
Honor is thicker than blood and there’s no soul left in you
Honor is thicker than blood but there’s no soul left to pledge
Mother Fuckin Coward!
You can’t buy what you want to be!